We have expertise across a range of verticals and services.
Since 2008, we've helped companies build products, and delivered more than 500 projects to start-ups, scale ups and large companies.
design pro
We leveraged AI in this Figma plugin to transform comments, notes, docs, and video call transcripts to tasks instantly and help streamline design workflows.
Decorist is an interior design app for photorealistic rendering. We decreased the time for designing a room and delivering a high-quality render from 2 weeks to 2 hours.
We completed the AR transformation of a Fortune 500 company’s e-commerce mobile application.
We delivered Rosetta implementations for a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform.
We helped them convert their idea into a working POC, raise multiple rounds of funding, take the product global, and become an Apple retail partner.
We designed a sleek and lightweight product in 4 months in 4 months that could deliver test results for the 8 most common food allergens within 60 seconds.
We built an educational game for Gamerize with a series of language learning mini-games embedded within a larger city-building game yielding 2000 organic users to the app, 500 daily sessions and 10 check-ins per day.
We reviewed the legacy technology for some of Sesame's most loved titles, and updated them for best performance and best practices on the latest devices.
We developed an MVP for iOS and Android within three months, allowing JobBox to expand coverage to newer service areas and successfully raise seed funding.
We converted BBQ Guru’s apps from React Native to Native apps and re-wrote the firmware component for the hardware to enhance communication between the app and the device.
We switched from Binance to a more flexible backend service provider and integrated use cases to enhance the functionality of the client's crypto services.
Swvl is a global provider of transformative tech-enabled mass transit solutions and ridesharing services. Tintash partnered with them for multiple process improvements for their global expansion.
Raven is a US-based platform for real estate agents that wants to replace the big brokerages taking huge money off the agents' leads and commissions.
Brilliantly Warm is an app-controlled warming wearable that we developed to help mastectomy patients from feeling cold and uncomfortable.
Tintash developed a premium interactive app showcasing scenes based on The Beatles' famous songs from the Emmy award-winning Beat Bugs series.
AudioCardio™ is a data and science-backed sound therapy designed to maintain and strengthen your hearing. It's like physical therapy for your hearing.
Developed the world's first move-to-earn NFT game that organically grew to over 80k active players in less than six months, with a D30 retention averaging a staggering 57% (25x the industry average).
ALEX is an open-source DeFi development company built on the Stacks Blockchain and modeled on the world’s financial markets.
Omni Active provides clients with online, virtual, and in-person workout programs. Tintash developed the industry changing platform that digitally transformed and helped them grow.
#4 in Top Free Games, USA AppStore with 50 million worldwide downloads. Nail salon game gives you the chance to become perfect your manicure madness and become the best Nail Salon.
#3 in Top Free Games USA AppStore.. Swipe or cut food pieces according to weight and make customers happy.
Careem is a superapp for everyday needs. Tintash re-architected the Careem Bus project, using the MVVM pattern by providing team augmentation.
Stacks is an open-source network of decentralized apps and smart contracts built on Bitcoin.
A platform for creating and delivering 3D Models & Services to provide immersive visual experiences for online shopping and personalized services.
A Juggernaut in fantasy sports, DraftKings worked with Tintash on their mobile applications for fantasy sports competitions and sports news.
Embr Labs’ heating and cooling bracelet that lets you take control & make yourself comfortable, anytime, anywhere through the connected application.
This side scrolling racer starring the Care Bears characters is the ultimate Build it, Fuel it, Chase it adventure!
My Little Pony lets you choose your favorite characters, props, and locations in Equestria and then add your own voice to narrate the tale.
World’s most popular cricket game, easy to play yet hard to master. It is you versus the world. One by one knock over the teams on your way to glory!
Camaradly is an employee-first feedback, engagement, and growth platform promoting regular feedback, ensuring a complete, and visible workplace environment.
NOVI is a game of visual intelligence. It’s new, modern artistic look and feel with black & white tile designs provide hours of escape and addictive fun.
Acciyo allows you to open any story, at any time, with all the context you need to feel like you’ve been following along the whole time.
Ander is the first platform to unify life and work in a rewarding, playful, and personalized experience that keeps everyone truly engaged.
Experience a new way to play charades. Players pair up in a two person team in a texting-style guessing game using 100's of unique and groovy emoticons.
SyncThink’s featured product, EYE-SYNC, works with eye-target synchronization metrics to help clinicians evaluate a key impairment in head injury.
Alertive provides remote patient monitoring solutions to help systems and patients. Tintash developed an Android app for Alertive.
Ardha is HIPAA-compliant communication platform used by healthcare professionals. Tintash developed their iOS and Android apps.
PillDrill is an easy-to-use medication tracking system. Tintash created native iOS and Android apps that seamlessly interfaced with PillDrill's hardware to Bluetooth communication.
Tintash developed a complete video security solution with custom camera, streaming infrastructure, mobile apps, and computer vision.
Ocular Technologies provides an integrated ophthalmic telemedical solution that improves access to eye doctors. Tintash provided expertise to Ocular for web application development and firmware integration.
Alkanza is a fintech investment application. The client was looking for iOS, Android and Web frontend applications for data prediction and visualisation.
Abound parenting empowers parents to use easy, everyday moments to build the skills children need to think critically, and read well. Tintash developed developed their iOS and Android apps.
An AI-powered clinical chat assistant that provides easy access to comprehensive hospital information.
A smart farming solution which helps to run the farms efficiently by working with farmers to identify issues, recommend solutions, and streamline operations.
Metrasens is the expert and global leader in the development and application of advanced magnetic detection technologies in healthcare and security markets.
IEHP’s app member benefits include changing primary physician, checking referral status, prescriptions, claims history and lab history. We developed their Native iOS and Android apps to interface with APIs built by the client.
A 3D hyper casual game where you roam around the city absorbing everything in sight. The client wanted to make an addictive AI based hyper-casual game monetized by ads and in-app purchases.
Tintash created the Basketball shooting hyper-casual game from scratch, providing Game design, Unity Development, Art, QA and Project Management services to the client.
Haiku's Adventure Escape™ series has been played by tens of millions of players. Tintash provided game development services and worked on their iOS and Android versions of the game.
Haiku's Adventure Escape™ series has been played by tens of millions of players. Tintash provided game development services and worked on their iOS and Android versions of the game.
The client had previously built storybook games on flash and wanted to add mini games alongside the storybook experience. Tintash ported Flash-based storybook games to Unity, enhancing the interactive experience.
Wizard Math is a light RPG (Role Playing Game) for 1st graders. Tintash developed puzzles and maps for this RPG, where players explore a magical world and fight monsters.
An online learning and teaching platform by a Carnegie Mellon University professor.
Stackswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that issues and exchanges tokens on the Bitcoin Network through the Stacks blockchain.
Tintash developed a travel-themed quiz game for BBC Games to promote the popular 'Lonely Planet' brand.
A career education platform and the world’s leading provider of vocational education. Tintash provided serverless computing services and helped integrate third party LMS and SIS into their existing system.
On cell phones and tablets, choose age appropriate content for your child through independent reviews, age ratings, and other information about all types of media.
An e-commerce app dealing in winter sports gear, and humanizing the online shopping experience by connecting customers with passionate experts.