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Client's Business Problem

Build a fitness solution that provides one-on-one virtual training as well as online workout sessions.

Omni Active Fitness
Output By Tintash

Developed a mobile application, created web portals for admin, clients, and trainers, and designed a new marketing website.

Omni Active Fitness
Impact For Client

An industry changing platform that digitally transformed and helped grow their business, with marketing promotions and sponsorships on the horizon.

Client’s brief background and business problem

Omni-Active® Fitness had been offering on-site and in-home personal training in the Greater Cleveland area since 2012. With the COVID pandemic changing the fitness industry landscape, the company wanted to lead the charge in building a fitness platform that would provide one-on-one training and online workout sessions.

To drive this digital transformation, Omni-Active approached Tintash to develop a comprehensive software suite that could be used by their clients and trainers alike.

Omni Active Fitness
How did Tintash deliver?

Omni-Active® Fitness engaged Tintash as their development partner right at the ideation stage. They had the salient features outlined and wanted us to refine their product concept further. Our team started with a discovery phase to visualize the concept, list the unknowns, and propose innovative solutions to the problem sets identified. After finalizing the user stories, wireframes, prospective timelines, and cost estimates, we were able to lock in the scope of work.

As we kickstarted the development phase, our design team refined the wireframes into high-fidelity screens while the engineers prototyped product features. The engineering team used an MVP to perform closed-beta testing and collect user feedback, and ensured the production data (accumulated from the system’s usage) remained consistent for our beta users.

Omni Active Fitness

Based on user feedback, we built new features and continuously improved the system. One such improvement was building support for hardware devices. It was important for the client to have access to their users’ fitness data for some of the primary features of their application such as, for instance, the daily goals and reporting features. Towards this end, we successfully integrated the mobile application with smart wearables, for both iOS and Android.

The client wanted to determine the user influx and view their complete financial information i.e. subscription revenue, payments owed to trainers. To achieve this, we built a complete reporting module for the system. We integrated the financial transactions with RevenueCat, enabling our client to analyze the patterns of users Omni Active was successfully converting by providing the required data points.

Nearing project completion, as we prepared submissions for a timely review of the applications before their public launch, we had to additionally ensure compliance with app store guidelines. The client wanted us to implement in-app purchases. However, while Omni-Active® Fitness had monthly and yearly subscription plans ranging from $40 to $4,999, iOS and Android only allowed for in-app purchases not exceeding $999 and $400, respectively.

In order to set up a payment mechanism for all subscription plans, our team proposed Stripe integration. Since both Apple and Android prohibit direct in-app use of Stripe, to work around that problem, we implemented it on the web portal. Third-party integrations can be risky but our intelligent implementation got the applications approved by both the app stores in our very first submissions. This bagged a major win for the client who was delighted by our team’s out-of-the-box approach.

Omni Active Fitness
How did the final product look?

Tintash helped Omni Active® build a complete system consisting of web portals for admin, clients, and trainers, as well as mobile applications (both iOS and Android). The system was well-integrated with smart wearables, including Apple and Android watches. The Stripe-enabled payment mechanism, while allowing for all subscription plans, was fully compliant with app stores’ guidelines.

Omni Active Fitness

With their industry-changing app, Omni-Active® Fitness today offers one-on-one virtual training and online workout sessions with step-by-step instructions and videos to follow to complement their in-person workouts. The founder, Nithanial Decker, says, “With fitness consumers now utilizing a wide array of services and solutions as the world enters a post-pandemic era, our company has pivoted to make change not only to survive but to greatly improve for the future of employees and clients alike.”

Tintash designed effective solutions to the various business and functional flow problems throughout the project lifecycle, and continues to work on the product’s maintenance. We also designed a new marketing website to help with the client’s rebranding efforts of their digitally transformed business. The system is serving live customers helping the client grow their business, with marketing promotions and sponsorships on the horizon.

Omni-Active: some in-app screens
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