We are a community of top talent designers and engineers with shared-values who like to work together on meaningful projects.
Human centered design thinking is how we've built our culture, our playbooks, and our business.

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Our story

It all started in 2007 with a breakfast at Hobee’s Palo Alto. Trained at Stanford d.school, both cofounders believed in prototyping solutions. And thus over the famous coffee cake, they decided to prototype their working relationship. It worked and became the foundation of Tintash's approach to every new client relationship.

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Why we
built Tintash

Our goal was to build a company where top talent thrives in a vibrant culture, driven by challenging and meaningful work.

We want our people to wake up excited to come to work, knowing they have a safe space to share strong opinions, engage in passionate disagreements, and then go enjoy a shared meal. This collaboration magic is at the core of building successful products.

What clients love about us

Proactive communication

Tintash understood our
needs, and they were easy
to communicate with.

Transparent processes

They excel at best practices. We went in not knowing too much about iOS development, so we trusted them to use the best practices to optimize the app.

Focus on delivery

They were flexible and adaptable to the problem and issues encountered, and very resourceful when dealing with issues; Extremely committed to delivering a solid product.

Rapid iterations towards excellence

I think the most impressive thing is the ratio of professionalism to cost is very high.

Complete project ownership

Tintash Apps reliable workflow, helpful feedback, and long-term focus contributed to a rewarding partnership.

Looking for such a team? We should talk.

Why work with Tintash

We don't just build products, we solve problems. We like to understand your vision,
identify the next problem to solve for your customers and then work on it.

Relationship prototyping

We prototype client relationships by first working on small, standalone projects to establish a foundation of trust and iron out any teething issues in order to hit the ground running for future projects.

Impact-driven teams

Our teams understand your product vision, and focus on creating products that deliver value. We strongly believe in being missionaries rather than feature-building mercenaries.

Product prototyping

Our prototyping process allows us to quickly test and validate ideas, reducing time to market and minimizing the risk of costly errors by focusing on high-impact and high-risk items first.

Design thinking and lean-startup mindset

We approach every project with human-centered design thinking. We continuously test and iterate solutions to ensure that we're solving the right problem for both user and the business.

Proven success

With over a decade of delivering successful projects in North America, we are trusted by Startups, Unicorns and Fortune 500s to create strong products.

Balanced teams

Our teams are made up of individuals with diverse skills and perspectives, who can tackle problems from multiple angles and come up with smart solutions that solve real user problems.

Strong human
centred culture

Aspiring-teal company

83 Net promoter score

75% Employee retention rate

Our leadership

Murad Akhter
Murad Akhter

CEO & Co-Founder

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Mannan Amin
Mannan Amin

Co-Founder & President

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Faried Nawaz
Faried Nawaz


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William Schleifer
William Schleifer

VP Client Engagement, North America

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Fahd Gilani
Fahd Gilani

SVP Engineering

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Abdul Wasay
Abdul Wasay

VP Engineering

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Faizan Rasool
Faizan Rasool

VP Marketing & Sales

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Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali

VP Hardware

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Our values

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Be proactive

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