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  • Our 4 squads worked independently to deliver results in 6 key areas: M-pesa, EBANX, Refund to Source, Partners Portal, Supply Pricing, Dispatcher & ETA Optimization.
  • Each of these solutions helped solve a critical problem for Swvl. Supply pricing automation, for instance, helped save thousands of man hours while achieving a 98% accuracy of results.

Very proud of the team (Engineering and Product) that built a brand new product and microservice in a quarter!

That is very impressive especially since they were all new to Swvl. Excited for what we are going to achieve in Q2 together. Keep up the great work!

Mostafa Zaher

Senior Engineering Manager
Swvl Marketplaces


Business Problem

Swvl, the renowned global provider of transformative tech-enabled mass transit solutions and ridesharing services, was on an ambitious growth trajectory with expansion plans for the Middle East, Africa and Asia. They were looking to onboard technology solution providers that could augment their in-house product development team.

Swvl and Tintash Partnership

Based on our Team Augmentation model, Tintash provided four separate engineering squads that worked on different problem sets for the client. The collaboration speeded up the implementation of new features and helped address Swvl’s emerging market needs promptly.

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Swvl wanted to shift from cash to cashless payments in Kenya by integrating M-pesa into its app. Our team streamlined the process, minimizing changes and simplifying the payment flow, despite technical hurdles like asynchronous payment confirmation. We achieved a seamless transition to M-pesa within a tight timeframe, leading to an enhanced booking experience and a significant uptake in its adoption shortly after launch.


Swvl aimed to expand globally by integrating multiple local payment options into its app, crucial for reducing transaction fees compared to global gateways. This required decoupling the app from its single payment system and creating a configurable, data-driven payments module adaptable to local preferences. Our team redesigned the system for flexibility, incorporating EBANX for the Brazilian market and improving the website's user experience with card tokenization.

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Refund to Source

Swvl aimed to improve customer satisfaction by enabling refunds directly to the original payment source, instead of just in-app credits. Our team developed and integrated this feature, ensuring refunds could be processed back to bank accounts or credit cards. After successful beta testing, we rolled out the feature globally, enhancing the customer experience by facilitating direct refunds.

Partners Portal

Our team developed a web-based vendor management portal for Swvl, enabling vendors to self-manage operations, reducing Swvl's reliance on operational staff and support. The initial MVP received positive feedback, leading to further enhancements aimed at improving usability and adoption rates. Despite design and component challenges, we met our deadlines, and vendor adoption grew. Swvl's product team is now actively training vendors to use the portal efficiently for their daily operations.

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Supply Pricing Automation

Our team automated Swvl's captain payment system, significantly reducing manual efforts and processing time. Initially, we unified scattered data sources, then digitized rate inputs into a single Rate Card system. Finally, we automated daily payout computations with a Cron Job, achieving a 98% accuracy rate at launch. This transformation into an automated framework saved thousands of man-hours, showcasing our ability to streamline and enhance operational efficiency across different regions with flexibility for timezone adjustments.

Dispatcher and ETA Optimization

Our team significantly improved Swvl's arrival time accuracy by enhancing dispatcher monitoring, successfully deploying the machine learning-based Ratimator for ETA predictions, and consolidating various services into a single efficient API. This multifaceted approach not only streamlined operations but also reduced external API costs, demonstrating our expertise in technology and commitment to operational excellence.

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