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The portable photo printer, with AR & social networking app, that went on to become Apple’s retail partner.
  • Raised $2.2M+ in funding
  • Became Apple Global Retail Partner
  • Launched Harry Potter IP with Warner Bros
  • Expanded to China Market
  • Got successfully Acquired

Tintash team has great communication skills and attention to detail, and are firmly committed to their delivery goals. We had a very positive work experience and a very positive relationship.

Patrick Cosgrove

CTO, Lifeprint


Business Problem

Lifeprint envisioned an app-controlled AR photo printer to revive the essence of printed memories in a digital era dominated by Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The start-up at the time needed to crowdfund their idea and was looking for a development partner to help bring their vision to life.

Lifeprint and Tintash Partnership

Tintash was the development partner of choice of Lifeprint for over 3 years. We developed the native iOS and Android apps with printing (Bluetooth & WiFi) and scanning (AR experience) modules and a globally supported cloud infrastructure.

Fundraising Success

Lifeprint’s journey with Tintash started by building out a successful POC for their idea, enabling Lifeprint to successfully raise $300k+ in seed funding through Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns.

This capital fuelled the manufacturing of printers and sustained ongoing product development.


Becoming Apple’s Global Retail Partner

Following the successful fundraising campaign, Lifeprint landed an opportunity to demo the product to Apple.

We enhanced app scalability for reliable printing and scanning, and created the Lifeprint social network within the app where users could share, like, and comment on content, leading to global availability and partnership with Apple.

China Market Expansion

Becoming Apple’s retail partner meant reaching far beyond borders - including the vast China market. However, the country’s firewall policy posed a new technical challenge. We addressed this by creating a globally scalable and maintainable infrastructure, using a single code for multiple deployment environments.


Harry Potter IP Launch & Successful Acquisition

Soon after, Lifeprint bagged the lucrative Harry Potter license with Warner Bros and launched their latest product, the Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer.

Efforts of the Tintash team throughout the course helped Lifeprint grow, eventually leading to a successful acquisition.

About Tintash

  • An emerging tech services firm led by Stanford, Apple and Paypal Alumni.
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  • Offshore talent is among the top 1%.
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