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Using AI to Simplify Task Management.
Streamlining workflows in Figma and leveraging AI to boost designer productivity.
  • DesignPro's new Figma Plugin gained 1000+ users organically within 7 days of launch.
  • AI-based review of 800 Figma designs provided valuable feedback based on design principles (Norman's, IDEO, etc.).
  • Design leaders at companies like Cisco and Miro expressed interest in using DesignPro.

I have worked with some of the best AI talent in the world at companies like Siri and Apple. When it came to building an AI team for my own startup DesignPro I relied on Tintash to find me talent with excellent research, engineering and communication skills.

I am beyond impressed with their talent pool and team’s ability to do exceptional work at an affordable price.

Mohammed Abdoolcarim

Cofounder - DesignPro

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Business Problem

DesignPro was a Figma plugin created to streamline the workflows of design teams.Designers often grapple with scattered tasks, notes, and communications across various channels. This fragmentation poses a significant hurdle to maintaining a focused and organized design process. While the plugin they had created was able to streamline these workflows, the DesignPro team was now looking to leverage AI to automatically transform those comments, notes, documents, messages and video calls instantly into actionable tasks.

DesignPro and Tintash Partnership

Tintash was engaged as the development partner to integrate AI into the existing DesignPro platform, and to efficiently prototype and test their new ideas that would make task organization 6-8 times faster.

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The Agile Process

Our agile approach involved exploring new product ideas in sprints, creating prototypes bi-weekly for real customer testing, and rapidly iterating based on feedback. This allowed for continuous experimentation with target customers. After finding a product-market fit, we shifted to scaling and refining products, always adaptable to feedback and evolving requirements.

LLM Integration for Task Synthesis

We developed a design workflow management system using OpenAI's Large Language Models to transform unstructured client feedback into structured tasks, mimicking a Jira-like environment. Our system automates task prioritization, grouping, and assignment on a Kanban board, significantly reducing task setup time. Leveraging Python's LangChain with ChatGPT, we enhanced productivity and user satisfaction, leading to a swift expansion of DesignPro’s clientele.

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design pro

AI-Powered Design Feedback Generation

We introduced an AI-driven design reviewer for DesignPro, capable of autonomously evaluating UI designs in Figma and offering actionable critiques, allowing designers to focus on creativity. Utilizing LLMs trained on established design principles and advanced AI techniques, this feature delivers high-quality feedback, significantly enhancing DesignPro's appeal to customers and investors.

Extensive and Secure Tool Integration

Our dedicated integration team continues to incorporate tools such as Figma, Slack, Zoom, Loom, and Google Docs into DesignPro. This adaptability is key to scaling the product and reaching a broader audience. The team ensures a seamless integration of these tools together with robust data security to enhance the user experience.

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About Tintash

  • An emerging tech services firm led by Stanford, Apple and Paypal Alumni.
  • Trusted development partners to Unicorns and Fortune 500s.
  • Offshore talent is among the top 1%.
  • We specialise in AR/VR, Web 3.0 and Digital Product Development.
  • When companies have a digital roadmap to deliver on in a limited budget, we're the best game in town.

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