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Interior Design App For Photorealistic Rendering
Reducing the processing time to boost designer's productivity
  • First design iteration delivery time reduced from 2 days to 2 hours.
  • Eliminated designers’ dependency on 3D artists to design the room. They could now design the room using the RoomBuilder app.
  • Got acquired by Fortune 500 - Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Tintash became a truly innovative thought partner; they didn’t just do what we asked for but also helped us conceive new technologies and tools to build.

Emily Fisher

Head of Product & Design


Business Problem

Decorist initially had a manual workflow between artists and designers to create a room design and share with the clients. The process was inefficient and required designers to depend on 3D artists to create designs. 3DS Max was too complex for designers and had a steep learning curve, so Decorist was looking to build an app that could empower designers to design the room themselves.

Decorist and Tintash Partnership

Decorist engaged Tintash to develop the Room Builder application. They wanted to automate the whole process of generating photorealistic renders and make it faster and more efficient through a user-friendly app for their designers.

Research and Development for Technical Challenges

Tintash started by solving tricky technical problems. They focused on making things like automation and realistic graphics work smoothly. Working closely with Decorist, they figured out how the app should look and function. They tested it a lot to make sure it worked well for users.


Product and Technical Design

Together with Decorist, Tintash made the app look great and work smoothly. They planned how everything should look on the screen. They also made guidelines for artists creating 3D stuff for the app. Plus, they built a system to keep track of all the 3D models and info needed.

Asset Workflow and Quality Assurance

Tintash made sure all the 3D things in the app worked together well. They used a tool called Slack to watch over the picture-making process in real-time. Also, they made the computers work better and faster for making these pictures.


Optimization and Final Product Delivery

Tintash focused on making everything better before finishing. They made the 3D models smaller and checked them a lot to make sure they looked good. In the end, they made the app much faster. Now, making a room and getting pictures used to take two days, but now it only takes a couple of hours.

About Tintash

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