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Tintash is a full service development company that provides managed remote teams from around the globe. We work closely with you to design and build your digital products. Our clients include several Startups, Unicorns and Fortune 500s.

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Why Choose Tintash?
Small Remote team
We provide skilled, remote professionals on need basis, with expertise in both manual and automated testing. These teams are available on your preferred time. Our remote team will make sure to have a proper communication channel with regular updates giving the client all the required visibility into our work.
Experienced in QA
Our Quality Assurance Team has been around from the start of the company. We have experienced and multi talented Quality Assurance engineers who assist companies and clients to increase the quality of product deliverables by working closely with stakeholders.
Manual Testing
From complete requirement gathering and product analysis, our QA engages with the team and client practising agile testing methodologies. We practise complete test coverage of functions and features from the end user point of view.
We specialize in mobile and web automation using the latest software testing tools to control the execution of test suites for parallel test execution. We also provide an integrated CI/CD pipeline which helps us in more test reliability, faster release rates and customer satisfaction.
Device Coverage
We have a wide range of high end and low end test devices for both iOS, Android, macOS and Windows. We prefer to use real devices for good testing performance. We make sure to cover all your preferred test devices.
Competitive Pricing
We ensure that our pricing is amazingly effective and reasonable to take into account your needs efficiently.
How Clients Engage with Us

Through our extensive experience working with clients ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, we’ve compiled the team engagements that our clients typically prefer. Selecting the team best suited to your needs ensures the best possible results for your project.

Discovery Workshop
Key Benefits
  • Idea validation
  • Feasibility, Risk and Technical Evaluation / Assessment
  • Cost and Time Estimation
  • Trial Period for team fit
Suitable For
  • Individuals/startups at the inception of their product development journey
  • Individuals/companies looking to validate their product idea and define the scope of their product.
Agile Innovation Team
Key Benefits
  • Fixed cost discovery
  • Dedicated agile team
  • Iterative sprint based development
  • Trial period for team fit
Suitable For
  • Funded Startups
  • Organisations looking for fast innovation teams
Skill Based Augmentation
Key Benefits
  • Wide talent pool of expertise
  • Easily scalable across projects
  • Management control of team
  • Trial period for team fit
Suitable For
  • For teams which need access to a particular expertise for their projects
Services We Offer
mobile application testing.png
Mobile Application Testing
To make your app stand out in the growing competition in today's mobile app market, thorough testing is of the utmost importance. Here at tintash, our QAs in all the finest modern day testing tools, providing you with the best functional, performance and security testing for your mobile apps.
unity game testing.png
Game Testing
Incorporating a vast device inventory with a broad range of testing types, our testing services include functionality testing, compatibility testing, regression testing, load testing, Ad hoc testing, and tree testing for ensuring the delivery of high quality games of all genres.
web application testing.png
Web Application Testing
Web applications require extensive testing, including usability, interface and performance in order to produce a high quality product. Our QAs bring their expertise of automation, API and other required testing techniques to make that happen.
desktop app testing.png
Desktop App Testing
Tintash possesses rich expertise in Desktop App Testing of enterprise applications, catering to diversified business needs. Tintash's mobile test offerings include Graphical User Interface Testing,Functional Testing , Platform Compatibility Testing, Stress Testing, Load Testing and Benchmark Testing.
usability testing.png
Usability Testing
How the user interacts with your app plays a key role in its success. Our experienced QA engineers help you in disclosing the crucial flaws that usually hide in plain sight during the development phase because of the difference of perspective.
functional testing.png
Functional Testing
Eliminating the gap between the product designed by the development team and the one that’s required by the marketing team is the first step in making good progress in any project. Our QA team designs the test cases in a way that ensures that the end product incorporates all the expected core functionality features.
user acceptance testing.png
User Acceptance Testing
To ensure that the product being developed meets all the user expectations, our team maps out clearly stated user centered acceptance criteria for each feature of the system. This helps in the detection of any minor/major issues before the product is rolled out in the market.
performance testing.png
Performance Testing
Performance testing can help determine the instance where the software fails or starts to lag. Our team of experienced QA engineers carry out detailed performance tests on products to record their responsiveness, speed and stability under high level of load.
Complete Testing Package

We believe in long-term relationships and work closely with you to supercharge your growth and success. Our partners represent some of the best companies in the world, from innovative startups to Fortune 500 giants.

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QA Engineers
Testing Mobile Applications
QA Process
QA Process
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We are proud to be recognized for our commitment and expertise within the industry. To us, these are more than trophies on a shelf, they represent our commitment to building the very best teams and solutions for our clients and their products.

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