Get in Touch

Our journey starts with you reaching out to us through our Contact Us form.

Once we receive an inquiry from you, someone from our client success team will reach out, with the objective of setting up an introductory call.


Introductory Call

The intro call, taken by either a Key Account Manager or a Technical Project Lead together with a Proposal Manager. Usually, an NDA is signed before the intro call so that it’s easy to have an open discussion

The next step beyond the intro call is to receive a set of requirements from you so we can proceed to provide you a ballpark, so you can have a better sense of budgeting if you choose Tintash.



The discovery stage starts with you sharing your requirements.

These requirements can be in the form of:

A) A very high level write up, with a description of the features you’d like developed



In the case of options A, B, and C mentioned above we can provide a high-level ballpark.

In the case of D, we can provide a detailed breakdown depending on the availability of Technical Experts or Technical Project Leads at our end.


Contract & Logistics

Once internal dissertations are done, our clients decide whether they’d like to take things to the contract stage with us, based on what they’ve seen through the different stages of engagement with us.

If you decide to move forward with us, then the next stage would be the contracting stage where we’ll finalize the terms and logistics of the agreement.

After the agreement is finalised and everything looks good, the relevant Project Lead is introduced who then takes the project forward beyond the Kickoff stage.