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Tintash is a human-centered organization and our big mission is bringing together, inspiring and enabling great talent to create teams that love working together — Teams that want to keep learning and increasing the bar to be the best versions of themselves. These teams want to work on increasing important, complex, and interesting problems that make the world a better place.

Why work with Us

Vision & History

Since 2008, our goal has been to become a preferred tech partner for aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and growing companies looking to grow with a remote team.

Challenging Work and Learning Culture

We encourage individuals to solve problems, take risks and learn through knowledge sharing.

Flexible Routine

We offer our team the comfort and flexibility of working remotely, and occasionally from home, during the hours they feel most creative and productive.

Upbeat Work Culture

We believe in making work fun, and that is what you will find once you enter our lair.

Flat Hierarchy

We are here to make things happen and talk about ideas, solutions and issues. A creative conflict is always encouraged here at Tintash.


You handle more responsibility, means you get to grow faster.

Things We Do Together



We love food and great company! Together we enjoy meals, share ideas and get to know one another better each day.



Every year, we take a trip together to the mountains to forget about work, unwind, cool off and have real fun.



We have regular fitness programs where our team indulges in some serious football and cricket matches.

Movie Nights

Movie Nights

The crazy film junkies in our team don’t let us miss a single great movie!

Knowledge Training Sessions

Knowledge Training Sessions

Whether it is a great book that someone read, a new technology or just a great life experience, whatever we learn we share with the team.

Reading as a part of Learning

Reading as a part of Learning

Our very own Librarika holds all the books you will need for your corporate and personal learning and development

Our Values

Be Proactive

Straight Talk

Iterate Towards Excellence

Spread Smiles


Be Data Driven

When in Doubt, Prototype

Transparency and Constructive Feedback

Current Openings

Please send your resume/CV at [email protected] and our team will contact you soon.